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19. 9. 2007


Love is a stupid feeling
Love makes you feel to be nobody
Love takes away your heart
Love harms you everyday
Love destroys you piece by piece
Love kills you
Love f*cks you up

Obrazek Love makes ME feel sad
Love makes ME cry
Love destroys ME from inside
Love makes ME hate you more and more
Despite being mad
Despite hating you
I love you
(And you don’t even care)

Broken heart

You broke up with me yesterday
and ripped my heart in two.
I never thought I'd hurt this much,
I couldn't stop crying over you.
I do not feel complete anymore,
A part of me is missing.
I loved the way you used to play with my hair
When we were on your bed, kissing.

You are the man of my dreams.
I wish we could be together.
Now I know that it's just not possible
But I want you to know that I'll love you Forever

Again alone

I lived in the darkness,
didn´t know what´s love.
Everytime,when I looked into the mirror,
I saw depressed girl,
and I asked myself:Who am I?
I was so alone
didn´t have any friends.
And suddenly you stepped into my world
and changed all my life from day to day.

You said:I never met a girl so beautiful like you are.

I believed all of your words,
and I thought,that I found really love,
But everything you said were only lies.
You hurt me,and you broke my heart.
One day you just disappeared
and I stayed alone in my world.
Again alone in my dark world...



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